Where To Shoot a Deer With a Crossbow

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Killing a deer with the crossbow is not an easy thing, however, our ancestors have been using this technique for hunting for a long time. With passing years, crossbows have been replaced by rifles. Here is a thing to admit that the enchantment of hitting the deer with the cross is different and when you know the right spot, you can do this job in minutes. But the question is where is the right spot to shoot Deer with a crossbow?

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Where to shoot a Deer with a Crossbow

The perfect spot to shoot a deer is at its lower body from the broadside. As there are some vital organs present that would cause immediate blood loss leading to the death of deer in a few minutes. But there are some other factors as well to consider.

Most hunters focus on the right spot only, which undoubtedly is important but the timing is also a vital aspect. In the same way, consider the distance from where you are planning to hit deer, consider the movement of deer, and last but not least evaluate how alert the Deer is. If you are confused regarding these points then give a quick look below for details.

Perfect Spot to Shoot a Deer

The best spot to shoot a deer with a bow is on its vital organs. Either you hit the deer with a broadhead arrow and let the blood loss be so extensive that it makes a deer die or let the deer suffocate by hitting at the lungs. To follow these two options you need to know the anatomy of the deer first.

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Anatomy of a Deer

Lungs are one of the vital organs and by puncturing them you can make the deer suffocate. They are located at the back of the shoulders. Another vital organ is the heart which is located below the lungs, while the third vital organ, the liver, is located at the back of the heart. Hitting any of them would give desired results.

The deer which is mature has larger lungs than the one which is smaller. The adult deer lungs are twice the size of the human head, while that of a doe is the size of a human head. So when you aim to shoot at a deer, consider its size first.

As mentioned above, to hit the lungs you need a broader head. Why? Well, the lungs are captured between the ribs cage. To penetrate the bones, the broader head will play an important role. With narrow heads, there are chances that the arrow might get stuck in bones, and the idea of approaching lungs would fail.

Don’t Aim at Shoulder Blade

Whether you are planning to hit the deer from a treestand or from the plain surface, never hit the deer on the shoulder blade. This is the mistake most novices make. Hitting an arrow to the shoulder blade, even if it’s with a broader head, would cause just an injury as the arrow would get stuck in the bone, and all the hard work will be in vain.

Other Important Factors

Distance From Where You Are Targeting

Distance matters a lot in terms of penetration. The lesser the distance, the more are the chances of penetration. 35 yards are considered to be ideal for targeting a deer. If you use a good quality crossbow or advanced form then there are chances that it might penetrate and move through the deer.

Ensure How Alert the Deer Is

This is the most sensitive part of hunting. The hearing sense of deer are pretty strong, they can easily hear sensitive sounds, and if they feel any danger, they run away. Be sure you walk/crawl smoothly over the ground and do your best to not make any kind of sound.

The Momentum of a Deer

If the deer is moving, then it is better you don’t take a shot because the area you are targeting would be missed. Predict if the deer is about to move or not. Shoot the deer when it is still. Aiming at deer is best when it is eating.

Broad Side of the Deer

Try taking the shot whenever you see the broad side of the deer but with patience. In this way, the arrow hits directly the vital organs resulting in blood loss. Hitting vital organs of the deer creates more chances of suffocation due to blood loss, and ultimately, the animal dies.


What is the best distance for shooting an animal?

To ensure that the arrow penetrates the animal, the distance of 45 yards is maximum. It is better if you try to hit the target from a lesser distance than 45 yards. The best in consideration is 15 yards, from this the arrow may penetrate and even pass through the animal.

How far can you shoot a deer with a crossbow?

It depends on what kind of crossbow you are using. If it’s the traditional one then the 50 yards is said to be a limit. But with a modern crossbow, you can even hit from 90 plus yards.

Can you shoot a deer in the neck with a crossbow?

Hitting a deer at the neck would probably not give the same results as hitting on the vital organs. The deer would only get injured and run away. It is better if you target vital organs.


Patience is a necessary tool while Deer shot placement. Beginners get excited or think this is the right moment and hit the deer straight away, well this is wrong. From this action, the deer would only get injured and run away. Wait for the broadside of the deer, hit the vital organs, and keep in mind distance plus timing. Also, try buying the best crossbow for this purpose, it will definitely pay you back later on.

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