All Types of Crossbows & (Interesting Facts)

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With the span of time, crossbows had taken a new step of advancement, and every year, new models with enhanced qualities came into the market. If you are a hunter who likes crossbows will certainly know about the modifications that are being assembled in this transformation.

Excalibur, Ten Point Havoc RS 440 Xero, Wicked Ridge NXT 400, and twin strike are the most advanced crossbows mostly liked by every hunter, especially the two-shot, two-string, and two-barrel system in twin strike, which gives you two best shots during hunting at the same time.

There are various types of crossbows, each one of them is different from another based on their use, types of the arrow, their time of presence, use, etc. this was the missile leading weapon used from ancient times. Still, now through further technical advancements and achievements, you can enjoy the amazing experience while using it. Some of the important types are explained in this article.

Types of Crossbows

Types of Crossbows D&D

D&D has the best ranges of weapons and crossbows. Three types of crossbows are generally present in Dungeon and Dragons. These are:

Heavy crossbow: longest range, causes the most damage, functions by using both hands, weighs 18 pounds, not effective for hunting small creatures.
Light crossbow: least expensive, causes good damage, requires two hands for proper functioning but can be carried in one, weighs only 5 pounds.

Types of Crossbows for Hunting

In recent years, crossbows are used for hunting by professionals in the hunting season. Each crossbow has its own specific functioning and usage. These are excellent hunting and easy-to-go weapons used for different hunting situations and terrains. Pros commonly use six types of crossbows for hunting purposes.

Recurve Crossbow: similar in design to traditional crossbow, relies on the pressure of taught crossbow stick, present in all shapes, sizes, and weight. Hunting can be done on long, close and medium ranges, with precision and speed it hits the target.
Compound Crossbow: lightweight, pricey but efficient in hitting targets, compact, and easy to use. Refined weapon for hunting terrains, versatile, great speed, and hits the target accurately.

Repeating Crossbow: small, compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Highly effective and can be recalibrated easily. Gave astonishing results in targeting small prey with rapid speed and accurate targeting. Mechanical functioning.
Rifle Crossbow: perfectly manageable with little control, long-range hunting device, diverse range with impressive hunting, takes a longer span of time to reload and strike again. High quality but expensive.
The Step-Through Riser Crossbow: exceptionally lightweight, specialized crossbow riser, easily movable, very advanced.
Reverse Draw Crossbow: most accurate shooter, faster arrow speed, easily manageable, efficiently hits the target, fires with quietness.

Types of Crossbows in Skyrim

There are four types of crossbows used in Skyrim. These are:

The Crossbow: fire projectile with increased velocity, better at hitting specified targets, shorter arc range.

The Enhanced Crossbow: additional properties, treated as steel weapon, tempering can be done.

The Dwarven Crossbow: for vampire hunt, perfect assassination,

The Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow: ignores 50% of armor, highly damaging.

Types of Medieval Crossbows

These crossbows were initially invented in China, these were the perfect weapon for the soldiers as they were easy to carry and use, and no proper physical training was required to use them as required in using a bow. Crossbows were used initially in the battle of Hastings back in 1066, and later on, by the end of the 12 century, it was used as a common weapon on the battlefield.

The types of medieval crossbows are:
Gastraphetes: invented in 399 BC by Dionysius of Syracuse, described in 1st century AD by Heron of Alexandria, known as catapult forerunner, composite bow with stomach cavity at the rear of stock which pressed it downwards.
Pistol Crossbow: smaller, easier to handle, weaker in range, firearms addition was done later.

Arbalest: name originated from the Roman name “arcuballista,” which means missile throwing engine, initially used in Europe around 12 century, larger in size, efficient with the target, accurate up to 100 meters, two bold rounds per minute.

Types of Arrows for Crossbows

Crossbow arrows are made up of carbon or Aluminium shafts which are broad for hunting on one side of the arrow while having feathers attached on the other side of the arrow. Aluminum was mostly used instead of carbon as it was inexpensive and lighter to carry. These arrows were used for practice purposes as the arrow’s head was easily bendable and not durable.

Arrows made with carbon were solid and used for warfare or hunting purposes as they have reduced flexion and were able to stop suddenly, creating excellent impact. Hence these were made with this material without any fear.

Crossbow arrows are shorter in size than regular arrows hence both were not interchangeable in any possible condition. The crossbow arrow had pointed shafts on one end while flat cap, moon capture nock, Multi-grooved nock, or Omni nock on the other end.

Types of Ancient Crossbows

Ancient crossbows were initially discovered during Chinese warfare, and through time, it was developed into a strong weapon used on the battlefield for defeating the enemy. Most ancient crossbows are presented under,

Qin Dynasty Crossbow: wooden stock, bronze head, two blades in arrowhead, bronze-based triggering, and firing mechanisms. For firing, the weapon was placed vertically and cord was placed for proper adjustments, belt and hook were used to draw back the weapon with cord help, securing the right position.

Warring state Crossbow trigger: popular weapon of choice, used for self-defense, used by richer elements of society.

Artillery Crossbow: larger and bulky, used as an artillery weapon, protected by high walls and towers. Mounted on wagons for mobility purposes and used on the battlefield.

Types of Crossbow Bolts

Crossbow bolts are different according to their size, weight, material, and nock types. According to the material, there are two kinds of bolts made up of carbon and aluminum, as I discussed earlier, and similarly, there are different kinds of nock like flat nock, half-moon nock, capture nock, and multi-groove nock. According to weight, the division of bolt is as:

Lightweight Bolt: particular for a crossbow, easily affected by wind, rain, or other environmental conditions, noisy, excellent for competitions, are less than 350 grains in weight, poor penetration, not for hunting.

Standard-weight Bolt: most versatile, a bit noisy, highly accurate, perfect for hunting, less affected by environmental conditions like rain, wind, etc., easy on bow cutting. Upto 400 grains in weight.

Heavy-weight Bolt: more than 400 grains in weight, high kinetic energy, deep penetration, excellent hunting and games, completely unaffected with environmental conditions, noise-free.


How many types of crossbows are there?

80lb and 150lb pistol crossbows are two main types of crossbows along with other variants. These crossbows are mainly designed specifically to provide better aim and shootings, just like rifles, as they are different from other guns but perform the same function. Rifle crossbows are now more innovative and most advanced models with various inbuilt features that you can use.

What are the different types of crossbows?

There are different types of crossbows which are used for mainly hunting games nowadays by pro hunters usually. These crossbows include,

  • Recurve Crossbows
  • Compound Crossbows
  • Repeating or Automatic Crossbows

Name two types of missiles that crossbows fired?

The bolts or quarrels were the two types of missiles that crossbows fired. Crossbows were one of the most dangerous weapons used back in Medieval times. This crossbow weapon was also known throughout many countries as Ballistas.

Which safety guideline for using bows is unique to the crossbow?

Safety guidelines for using bows and crossbows which were unique are as:

  • Keep Your Hands Away From The Rail
  • Beware Of Your Backstop
  • Verify The Condition Of Your Bolts
  • Never Dry-Fire Your Crossbow
  • Assume A Cocked Crossbow Is A Loaded Firearm
  • De-Cock The Right Way
  • Do Not Leave Your Crossbow Cocked For Longer Periods
  • Use The Right Nock For Your Bow
  • Never Climb A Tree Stand With A Loaded Crossbow
  • Keep Your Crossbow Maintained At All Times

What types of bolts for Rune crossbowsOSRS?

Different types of Rune Crossbow OSRS are,

  • Dragon Bolts
  • Dragonstone Bolts
  • Diamond Bolts

How to make different types of targets for a crossbow?

You can make various types of targets for crossbows by using target bags and making a hit point in the middle of it you can also use a dartboard target. If you have any deer statue that can be good at aiming as you can also learn about vitals on it. You can use other 3D targets and crossbows to help you aim and learn about crossbow hunting.


If you are new to crossbows or looking for information about them as their advancements leave everyone astonished, I am glad you can go to the right place. I hope this article will be helpful and will increase your knowledge regarding various types of crossbows.

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