Do you love hunting and are always searching for tips and accessories to maximize your adventure and fun? No doubt crossbow hunting is super adventurous and entertaining in itself. During the game, which tool you use and what accessories you work with depicts how much entertainment and adventure you will have during hunting. Selecting the right accessories and removing the not-needed ones would enhance your hunting experience.

Not every accessory that comes with a crossbow is essential. So you should be able to choose the one which is vital for you and ignore those which are not necessary. For a successful and mature hunting experience, different accessories are there, which have now become the necessity for a crossbow. There exist different accessories that are available with crossbows. Some of them are casual and general in which no rocket science is involved, but still, there are accessories that beginners do not understand, and then, there is a need for a guide.

crossbow accessories

We are here after a selection of standard and essential accessories with the description of each of them, and that is mentioned in the details of this article. If you want to understand the explanation and use of different accessories, you must not skip a line of the following mentioned article. So without wasting your precious time, let us start with the information I am keenly interested in giving you.

13 Best Crossbow Accessories

Here I am concluding the crossbow accessories which are essential to enhance your fun and adventure during your hunting experience.

1. Bolts

Crossbow Bolt

Bolt is a usual term that is used with crossbows. They are the small arrows that are used for shooting in your hunting game. They are almost similar to arrows but are much smaller in size. Many of the hunters use the word bolts for both bolt itself and long arrows they used in hunting. The construction of bolts is done by carbon fiber and aluminum alloy metal.

This is the necessary accessory that should be present and available for you to have a pleasant experience of hunting. Something important I have to tell you is that you cannot use bolts all alone. Instead, you need to attach a broadhead at the tip of your bolt.

2. Crossbow Broadhead

Crossbow Broadheads

This is basically a tip that is to be attached to the bolt you are using to make sure you can easily cut through your hunted animal. Crossbow broadheads are generally used to cut down the animal you are hunting and make sure it stays down for a while. You can apply it to every size of the animal, no matter big or small. There are two different types of crossbow broadhead that exists:

  • Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead
  • Fixed Crossbow Broadhead

Fixed crossbow broadheads are those which do not change their size and remain the same. These are the razor-sharp blades, and whereas the mechanical Crossbow Broadhead is the one that expands and opens for speedy and efficient cutting.

3. Scope

Crossbow scope

Do you love shooting from long distances? If yes, then how could you skip crossbow scope in your game. This crossbow scope is an essential item for getting accuracy in shooting from long distances. Especially if you are moving on more than a few yards, the scope is definitely essential for you to correct and precise shooting results.

There are many crossbows that come with an inbuilt scope, such as laser sight, fiber optic sight, and red dot sight. But in case if your crossbow does not contain scope in it, you can manually fix it or can change your crossbow. The most recommended scopes are red dot scope or optical scopes.

4. Cocking Device

Cocking Device

Cocking device is used to cock a crossbow more conveniently. It is a winch that you locate on the crossbow and is easily operated with your hands. No doubt you can easily cock a crossbow manually but for many professional hunters, using a cocking device is more suitable than cocking your crossbow manually, specifically if you use a high-quality, efficient crossbow. Similarly, for high-powered crossbows, many of the hunters are seen using a cocking device instead of manually cocking their crossbows.

5. Crossbow Sling

Crossbow Sling

It is another crucial accessory that should be available with you if you have to walk while hanging your crossbow. This crossbow sling can hold your crossbow, so you will be able to use your hands freely. Moreover, in this way, you would be able to perform other tasks more conveniently without any hustle of adjusting your crossbow and putting it down every single time.

6. Lighted Nocks For Bolts

lighted nocks

There is this lighted nock that is made for lightening up the bolts. They are fixed with your bolts, and as soon as you shoot, they light up, showing you the path of your bolt. These lighted nocks are illegal in some States but legal in others. Before using them, make sure that your state allows you to use them to avoid any legal action against you. Furthermore, they are beneficial in finding the track of your bolt, no matter whether you have hit it with your bolt or you have misplaced it. You will be able to find it soon.

7. Quiver


Quiver is used to carry broadheads. It has now become a vital accessory for crossbow holders. Moreover, it depends on you that where you want to hold your quiver, there are two options available: either you can hold it in your belt or directly on your crossbow.

8. Stand or Holder For Crossbow

stand For Crossbow

Crossbow holders are made in such a way that your crossbow will be there in the safest place when you are not using it. It would be best if you hold your crossbow in a pointed direction so its tools and structures are not ruptured due to any cause. This crossbow holder will make sure your crossbow is placed in a downward pointed position. Moreover, do not take the stress from the construction of the crossbow holder but make sure to get a quality one. They come with different construction materials, including wood, plastic, and metals. Select the one which suits you the most.

9. Noise Dampening Kit

Noise Dampening Kit for crossbow

Noise dampening is an essential environmental condition that is necessary for professional hunters. Otherwise, there are chances that you will scare your target, and they will not be in your range anymore. These noise dampening kits are optional for you, but you can get them and have a significant benefit in terms of keeping your targeted animal in front of you without scaring it. This kit is easy to fix in your crossbow limbs, stirrups, and strings to help you avoid unnecessary irritating noises.

10. Field Points For Practice

Crossbow Field Points

I will never suggest you use broadhead directly during your practice session. This will make them dull and damaged, and you will not be able to use the fresh broadheads when you are really hunting. In order to avoid this situation, go for the field points which are available in the market to make your practice feel accurate and exciting. Furthermore, to make your practice session more natural, go for selecting the field points with the same weight you use your broadheads.

11. Arrow Pullers

Arrow Pullers

Arrow pullers are basically used to remove your bolts safely from the target. With the use of arrow polish, you would be able to safely take away your bolt without damaging the shaft of the arrow. These arrow pullers grip and hold the bolt and allow you to pull them in a totally safe manner without damaging your arrows or bolts both. In this way, your bolts will last longer than usual.

12. Case For Crossbow

Case For Crossbow

A crossbow case is a vital accessory, which you should have on your accessories list. These are responsible for covering your crossbow during your travel and protecting them from environmental hazards. Moreover, crossbow cases are made so that they provide protection and soft internal covering to protect your optical instrument from damage. I will suggest you invest a little more and get the crossbow case which consists of accessories also. There are crossbows that have space for your accessories too.

13. Practicing Targets

Practicing Targets

I will recommend you select proper crossbow targets to enhance your practicing session. Many of us choose typical archery as a target, but it will not be worth your time and effort. There are many different types of targets available in the market. You can choose the one which is more suitable for you. These targets are designed in such a way that they can survive the energy and kinetic potential that comes from the crossbows hitting.

There are back targets, the cheapest of all, and then, we have block targets, 3-D practicing, and competition targets. And for practicing on a professional level, you can go with the selection of 3D targets as they are designed in the shape of the animal you are going to hunt. This will not only give you the actual experience of hunting but also makes your hunting practice more genuine and worthy of your time and effort.


What kind of accessories are for the Barnett jackal crossbow?

Barnett Jackal crossbows are known for their durability and efficiency. The accessories you select for the Barnett jackal crossbow should also be of high quality and efficient performance. Because when they both combine together, they will give you more fruit and multiply your adventure of hunting.

What accessories can you use with a crossbow?

There are many different types of accessories that you can use with your crossbows. Some of them are essential to make and enhance your cross pose efficiency, whereas some of them are optional. Above mentioned article contains many of the accessories and descriptions of each of them so you can select the accessory which you think will enhance your crossbow functioning.

What accessories can you put on a crossbow for enhancing its functioning?

You can go with the selection of bolts, crossbow broadheads, quiver, crossbow slings, stands and holders, and crossbow stands. These accessories make your crossbow hunting super professional and adventurous. Go with the selection of the most vital accessories first and then the optional one.

Final Thoughts

Crossbow centuries have become the necessity for hunters to make their hunting adventure more entertaining and fun. This accessory not only makes their hunting adventurous but also secures their crossbows and makes them long-lasting. Moreover, when you buy these accessories, always look for which accessory you need the most and buy that item first. And then look for other items in the list.

This article contains 13 accessories that are needed for enhancing the functioning of your crossbow. Spend your precious time and give a reading to this article and experience the super professional and adventurous hunting you ever had. Moreover, we have covered the usage and need of different accessories, so keep your eye on every para above.

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