The Best Crossbow Broadheads For Hunting

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Shooting with a crossbow is a very exciting and fun way one can experience hunting. Moreover, the right broadhead for your crossbow is essential no matter you are hunting deer or any small predator. The best crossbow broadhead can lift your hunting game effectively. Also, the best broadhead is one that will not kill your excitement but will end up your day the same as you have begun it.

Whether you are using a crossbow for the first time or experienced, you will always need a broadhead that will not only perform the task much easily and effectively but also boost your skills. The best crossbow broadheads are the ones that will make you achieve your goals. A wide range of crossbow broadheads is available on the internet, ranging from different sizes and prices depending upon the specialties. Here we have selected the top 7 best crossbow broadheads for you.

Note: Several days of testing and research went into compiling the list.


Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads
  • Time-tested designs
  • Easily replaceable blade

RAGE Crossbow X, Best 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

RAGE Crossbow X, Broadhead
  • Highly durable
  • Extra-wide diameter

Excalibur Boltcutter  150 Grain  Most Accurate Crossbow Broadhead

Excalibur Boltcutter Broadhead
  • High speed and penetration
  • Wide effective diameter

Best Crossbow Broadheads Reviews

1. Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads – Top Crossbow Broadheads


Muzzy 225-MX3-3, Bowhunting 100 Grain, .025″ 3 Blade Broadhead, 1-1/4″…

  • DESIGNED TO THE MAX – Designed for Max Speed, Max Strength, and Max Cut. 100 grain 3 blade broadhead – 3 Pack
  • DEEP PENETRATION – The MX-3 has a shorter profile, 1-1/4″ cutting diameter and .025″ thick stainless steel blades allowing it to fly truer and faster to deliver more killing power at the point of…
  • BONE SHATTERING TIP – The Trocar Tip provides superior penetration

Muzzy has been manufacturing crossbows for years and has been improving their quality constantly with time. Moreover, the muzzy bow hunting broadheads are designed so that it has a maximum speed and maximum strength and cut. In addition to this, it comes in a pack of 3 broadheads.

Also, it has a deep penetration feature having a short profile and cutting diameter of 1-3/16, and thickness of 0.25 blades made up of stainless steel that ensures that it flies faster and straight to the target point effectively. The tip of the blade is so sharp that it can shatter a bone. For extra strength, the crossbow is manufactured of a high-grade aircraft aluminum ferrule with an interlocking ability.

The product has dimensions of 9.63 x 5.63 x 1.13 inches and weighs 0.32 ounces. It is made in the USA and is one of the best-selling and top crossbow broadheads among different customers. They offer packs of three packages and have an exciting exchange and return policy if there is a difference in size and shape.

  • Time-tested designs
  • It comes with a practice broadhead
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easily replaceable blade
  • Small cutting diameter compared to competitors
  • Not a suitable choice for windy conditions


The Muzzy bow hunting is among the best crossbow broadheads because they are highly durable and inexpensive. Along with this, the wider cut design can manage the damage quite efficiently, which makes it one of the top hunting broadheads for crossbows.

2. RAGE Crossbow X – Best 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead


RAGE Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 or 125 Grain…

  • PRECISION – Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their legendary wound channels
  • MASSIVE CUTTING SURFACES – Rear-deploying, SlipCam design with huge leading-edge blade and razor sharp .035″ thick stainless steel expandable blades; 2″ cutting diameter; 100 Grain
  • TECHNOLOGY – Improved Shock Collar Technology ensures proper blade retention while bolt is stored & in-flight and allows for broadhead to open upon impact – Aluminum Construction FERRULE ALIGNMENT…

The range is another best crossbow broadheads manufacturing company that has designed many broadheads that have always ensured the users that they can easily achieve their hunting goals by better killing rate or through a deep wound and large blood trail that you can follow and reach to your target.

The head of the broadhead is designed mechanically using the latest technologies so that the ferrule alignment makes sure that the flight connects the targets effectively. Despite that, it is a bit heavier than normal broadheads, and that is why they need larger kinetic energy to reach the required target.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of this crossbow broadhead is that it comes with a practice head. You can use the practice head and find out the requirements of your hunting goals before actually leaving for it. Along with this, the blade has a diameter of 0.035 edge and a cutting diameter of 2. It weighs 100 grains.

Finally, a crossbow broadhead is an ideal broadhead for beginners and a good choice for experienced ones as they have a shock collar feature for blade retention specially designed to activate the upgraded features right on time.

  • Highly durable
  • Ultra shock collar
  • Extra-wide diameter
  • Sometimes blades fail to open properly


Rage crossbow broadheads are among the best crossbow broadheads as they require less mechanical maintenance than any other broadhead. In addition to this, the aerodynamic and accuracy is what attracts most of the customers.

3. Excalibur Boltcutter Broadhead – Most Accurate Broadhead


Excalibur Boltcutter – 150 Grain (Pack of 6)

  • Broadhead arrow tips are made for durability and strength
  • Made from high strength stainless steel to withstand the hardest hit
  • Increased front of center weight for lethal accuracy at extreme range

When talking about advanced best crossbow broadheads, one cannot resist sharing an Excalibur boltcutter with a weight of 150 grains and has sharp blade broadheads of 1 1/16 diameter. Although the broadhead is a bit heavy at the tip, the upgraded design has made it the most accurate and fastest broadhead.

The Excalibur boltcutter’s highlighted feature is that it is a highly durable and strong broadhead made up of stainless steel that can withstand and face any weather windy conditions. Despite this, all the head can easily penetrate through the target, leaving a tiny wound, thus leaving a thin blood trail for you to follow your target.

Similarly, the head is so strong that you can test it before heading towards hunting by shooting it on a target without the head getting damaged. The lifespan of the crossbow broadhead is longer and has an exciting quality. Thus, the broadhead is specially designed for hunters who seek perfection in hunting. The size to speed and weight ratio make it go straight to the target accurately.

  • High speed and penetration
  • Highly durable and accurate
  • Wide effective diameter
  • It leaves less blood for tracking
  • Expensive


Excalibur boltcutter is one of the best crossbow broadheads as it has a very high speed and durable design that increases its longevity. Moreover, the crossbow broadhead has a smaller body and a little heavy head that makes it ideal to be used in any wind condition without losing its track in reaching the target.

4. Swhacker SWH00207 Broadheads – Top Rated Crossbow Broadhead


Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain,…

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Provides you with two separate cutting edges.
  • WING BLADES: They take the most punishment by cutting through the hair, dirt, hide, and bones during entry. These are smaller than the main blade so they take less energy to penetrate through the…
  • MAIN BLADES: These second set of edges do not touch anything during the initial penetration. They still have “virgin” edges when they open in the body cavity. This allows the main blades to remain…

Swhacker cut broadheads are one of the best crossbow broadheads. They are made in such a way as carbon steel that they make it weigh less than the most durable broadheads of all time yet. Specifically, because the broadheads are loaded with anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule, they weigh 100 grain which is, despite all, not an ideal weight when it comes to mechanical broadheads. The broadheads are of 0.032 diameter.

Similarly, whacker-cut broadheads are designed so that their wider cut penetrates wounds deeply, leaving a perfect blood trail that you can follow. In addition to this, you can also hit an organ that can cause quick death or trap the target. Along with this, the broadhead comes in a set of 3 crossbow broadheads.

Similarly, these crossbow broadheads are very budget-friendly for beginners and experienced hunters, too, as proven by the best practicing arrowheads. Among these three blades, you can use one for practicing and save the rest two.

  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • 3 broadheads
  • Wider cut arrowhead
  • Broadheads not really sharp


Swhacker crossbow broadheads are very cheap and durable, which can be ideal for beginners to practice and polish their hunting skills. Their light weights and wider cut shape can complete your hunting task efficiently.

5. G5 Outdoors Montec – Premium Crossbow Broadheads

G5 Outdoors Montec Crossbow Broadheads (3-Pack), 100 Grain

  • This High Speed Crossbow Model is ideal for all crossbows. With no components needed to replace or maintain, it’s easy and simply to use.
  • Due to the strong tapered blade design’s and angle it allows the Montec to be easily re-sharpened.
  • Available in 100 and 125 Grains with a 1″ to 1 1/8″ Cutting Diameter

Talking about a fixed tip best crossbow broadheads, G5 montec crossbow broadhead comes to the best decision manufacturing amazing, powerful fixed tip heads. Firstly, the crossbow broadheads of G5 montec are lightweight and have a wider cut arrowhead that provides enough resistance to the wind, thus reaching its target more accurately and on time.

The broadheads have been tested through different trails to ensure that the spin is balanced, and even if it is lightweight, it has a true and precise flight towards the target. Similarly, the broadheads are so sharp, having a cutting diameter of 1 to 1/18 that penetrates through the target perfectly, thus leaving a blood trail that can be followed easily.

Along with this, you can also purchase a few practice broadheads. Through which you can boost your hunting skills and also preserve the other for real hunting adventures. Despite this, the broadheads have a very simple and easy installation method that requires no extra components because of one-piece metal Injection Molding Construction.

  • Different sizes variety
  • High durability
  • Easily removable blades
  • Blades are difficult to sharpen


G5 outdoors montec crossbow broadheads are an interesting offer for people who want to practice their hunting skills before heading towards an actual one. Because after choosing this product you can purchase 3 broadheads at reasonable prices.

6. Muzzy 209-MX4

Muzzy has been known for a long time because of their efforts in making their products and gaining more trust of the customers. Similarly, the muzzy broadheads have been designed to strengthen their reputation among the competitors and ensure that their broadheads are compatible with a number of crossbows.

Moreover, the broadheads are made up of supreme quality steel, weighing 100 grain, a shorter profile, and a fixed tip head. The blade design is to upgrade your flight and increase the distance between target and shot. Along with this, the broadheads come in packs of 4 rather than the standard 3 pieces. The one other than 3 is for getting a clear and bigger blood trail to catch your target.

Despite that the broadhead is very sharp and hits the target very accurately because of the lightweight, it will need to be shorter more accurately to get precise and efficient results. As these broadheads are designed for experienced crossbow users, beginners can also take advantage of their excellent features.

  • Highly durable
  • Strong, sharp head
  • Simple and smooth flight
  • 4 pieces package
  • Light-weighted
  • Excellent for large hunting games
  • Noisy when shot from a crossbow


Muzzy crossbow broadheads are designed for maximum cutting and penetrating purposes, and that is why they are considered among the best crossbow broadheads. Their weight to short profile ratio keeps it straight and accurate during hunting.

7. NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead


NAP Spitfire Mechancial Broadhead 100 Grain Three Blade Cut on Contact…

  • TOP-QUALITY BROADHEAD – The NAP’s Spitfire Maxx front-deploying mechanical broadhead for bowhunting delivers reliable accuracy and trauma to drop your quarry right where it stands; This is a good…
  • 1 3/4 INCH CUTTING DIAMETER – This New Archery Products Spitfire Maxx mechanical broadhead for compound bows features a 3-blade design – cuts a massive 1.75″ diameter hole and penetrates deeply to…
  • BLADES – The Spitfire Maxx bow hunting broadhead boasts three razor-sharp offset blades that deliver deadly results; Rock-solid reliability and renowned NAP quality make the Spitfire Maxx the perfect…

Spitfire Maxx is the striking best option while choosing the best crossbow broadheads. Spitfire Maxx has popularity in preparing the most significant broadheads, which have large heads and very lightweight of approximately 100 grains. The cutting diameter is 1¾ inch.

Moreover, these broadheads have been a top choice for hunters for years, but despite this, they might not be a very good option when it comes to distance. Because of their lightweight, they can be pretty affected by wind direction. Despite this, they have impressive target penetration power that can leave major blood trails for you to follow.

The broadheads have a micro-grooved feature that ensures the stability of the head to the arrow. The accuracy of these broadheads ranges from 40-50 yards. In addition to this, they are budget-friendly, making them an attractive choice for any hunter-hunting skills level. Also, they come in packs of 3.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Deep penetration power
  • Light-weighted
  • Micro grooved ferrule
  • Accurate only to 40-50 yards


Spitfire Maxx is a good option as they come in various sizes and allow users of any level of hunting skills to lift their hunting games. Lastly, the micro-grooved furred feature ensures that the arrow and the bowhead are always in a stable equilibrium position.

How to Choose the Right Crossbow Broadhead

Given below are some of the important factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing a good quality crossbow broadhead:

1. Quality and Accuracy

A good quality crossbow broadhead will be wide enough to accurately pierce the skin of an animal. It must be really sharp so that the animal is killed instantly, the moment it hits the animal. Such crossbow broadheads are perfect for hunting and must not be used by children because it is really dangerous to deal with them.

Beginners should also not take the risk because the crossbow broadheads can be really harmful if not dealt with carefully. So, accuracy is the first and foremost thing to look for in a good crossbow broadhead.

2. Blood Trail

The blood trail is also a significant part of a crossbow broadhead. It helps in tracking the animal when it runs away upon the shot. Mostly, the crossbows do not have this feature. So, if you are really passionate about hunting then you must consider a crossbow broadhead that has a blood trail.

The blood trail helps you to figure out the direction in which the animal may have gone once the animal gets wounded. So, it will not be wrong to say that a blood trail makes it easier for you to catch the animal even when you lose sight of it.

3. Style

The style also plays a pivotal role in making the hunting process seem more serious and professional. There are various different kinds of crossbow broadheads. For instance, crossbow broadheads with fixed blades, mechanical blades, and hybrid crossbow broadheads.

Fixed blade broadheads have a one-piece blade that can also be replaced and is also quite durable. Moreover, the mechanical broadheads are really unique as can be folded and opened up according to the requirement. While hybrid is a combination of the two.

4. Weight

The weight of the crossbow broadhead is another important factor to look for in a crossbow. The weight of the broadhead majorly depends upon the crossbow bolt. If the broadhead is light in weight then there are more chances of accurate and faster results.

Lightweight crossbow heads move much faster as compared to heavier ones.However, for big animals, a heavier broadhead will be more suitable because the lighter one may not give you the desired outcome. So, pick the weight that suits your requirements.

5. Price

Quality and price should go hand in hand. If you want a reasonably priced crossbow broadhead then make sure that you are not compromising on its quality. There is a vast variety of crossbow broadheads, so if you do a little research about it, you can surely manage to get a good quality crossbow broadhead at an affordable piece range.

The crossbow broadheads that have mechanical blades are mostly expensive but their results are really good. So, invest in crossbow broadheads wisely.


What is the best broadhead for deer hunting with a crossbow?

Fixed blade RamCat is the best broadhead for deer hunting with a crossbow as they consist of three sharp razors like blades.

What are crossbow broadheads used for?

Crossbow broadheads are used to enhance the penetrating power for hunting big game. The best broadhead combined with a perfect arrow quill helps you take down the oversized games within an extensive range.

How long will a crossbow last?

There is no specific time span of a crossbow as it completely depends on many factors. However, maintenance and care can make it last longer than usual.


Choosing the best Broadhead For crossbow is essential not only as they can turn hunting into a memorable moment but also boost their hunting styles and skills. From the products we reviewed, here are the top three choices to make your purchase easier for you,

We are really hopeful that this review has made your purchase easy. Please share your feedback with us and keep visiting us for more content.

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