Top 7 Best Crossbow Bolts (Reviews)

Are you looking for good-quality crossbow bolts for enhancing your archery skills? Then we have the solution for your search. Bringing forth with the best crossbow bolts that are suitable for professionals and those who are beginners.

Over time, archery is gaining much popularity among people. It is played on many international platforms like the Olympics, etc. If you play archery either at a beginner or professional level. For that, you need to have good archery equipment such as crossbows and bolts to boost up your skills.

best Crossbow Bolt

However, the use of crossbow bolts is not limited to that. They are also used for hunting animals and fishing. Crossbow bolts are quite sharp weapons, and if you are an archery learner, you need to be cautious while using them. Parents should keep their children away from crossbow bolts.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Crossbow Bolt

Top three recommendations to all the consumers out there:

Carbon Express Piledrive Fletched Carbon Cross bolt
Carbon Express Piledrive Fletched Carbon Cross bolt – Best Bolt For Crossbow
  • Durability
  • Bulky
  • Strong penetration
AMEX GS 6/12pcs
AMEX GS 6/12pcs – Best Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolt
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Replaceable arrowhead
Premium PICK
REGEX Crossbow Bolts
REGEX Crossbow Bolts – Best Crossbow Bolts For Hunting
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Light on budget

Best Crossbow Bolts

1. Carbon Express Cross bolt – Best Bolt For Crossbow

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express PileDriver crossbow bolt is a Carbon express product that features bone-crushing penetration primarily suitable for hunting and fishing. Crossbows are heavy that offer maximum kinetic energy, which is equally essential as speed and posses greater knock-down power. These heavy crossbow bolts are the ideal choice in poor weather conditions.

Due to the Pile Driver crossbow bolt’s advanced construction, it offers considerable spine consistency and accuracy. The bolts are made with 100% carbon material which allows durability and reusability. It has a standard vane and nock. It offers fletched vanes that are 4 inches in length and size of 20’’ with an add-on moon nock which are pretty easy to insert.

Carbon crossbow bolts come in a pack of 6 bolts with a diameter of 0.348″, and straightness +/- 0.004″ and six universal flat nocks in green color are also given with them. Carbon Piledrive crossbow bolts allow you to hunt with total confidence. It is also very suitable for beginners to start their career off with these crossbow bolts.

  • Durability
  • Bulky
  • Strong penetration
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Carbon Express Piledrive crossbow bolt is a Carbon express product that features bone-crushing penetration primarily suitable for hunting and fishing. Crossbows are heavy that offer maximum kinetic energy, which is equally essential as speed and possess greater knock-down power. These heavy crossbow bolts are the ideal choice in poor weather conditions.

2. REGEX Crossbow Bolts – Best Crossbow Bolts For Hunting

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts

Reegox crossbow bolts is a product of Redox Outdoors sports company that takes pride in producing bolts and arrows with the most rigid tensile carbon fiber. Bolts are available in orange, red, and green with a shaft of 16’’/18’’/20’’ length and a total weight of 368 grains.

It is mainly designed for hunting starters, offers you projectile speed with high kinetic energy, and allows accurate shots. Reegox crossbow bolts feature changeable moon nock and vanes with 3’’ TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), enabling easy repairmen of accessories. Reegox crossbow bolts and is budget-friendly and durable.

It comes in a pack of 12. They are provided with 125 grains of target points that are nickel-plated material that is corrosion and rusting resisting. These bolts are compatible with crossbows as well as Xbows.

  • Reusable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Light on budget
  • Bends at a higher speed

Final Verdict

Reegox crossbow bolts with carbon material are best for beginners. It offers removable moon nock and nickel-plated target pointers. These bolts are durable and reusable, providing speed and kinetic energy with the weight of 368 grains.

3. Carbon Express Crossbolt – Best Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express Mayhem Crossbolt is a must-have for any professional archer. The manufacturer has viewed the demands related to archery tools to provide you an accurate shot. These bolts with multi-layer construction offer a precise and consistent shot and have an optimal diameter size with absolute straightness of +/- 0.004″.

Mayhem crossbow bolt integrates k-360 weave technology that adds spine strength and consistency due to carbon weave incorporated in the bolt’s outer layer. Carbon Express Mayhem bolts weigh about 449 grains with a diameter of 0.348 inches, and fletched comes with 3 inches Dargon vanes that transfer downrange accuracy.

It comes in 21 inches and 22 inches so that you can choose between the two according to your preference. However, 21 inches bolt is suitable for hunting, while for target practice, 22 inches bolts are ideal. On purchasing Mayhem bolts, you will get bolts 6 per pack. It is more expensive than other crossbow bolts when it comes to cost.

  • Multi-layer construction
  • Downrange accuracy
  • K-360 weave technology
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Carbon Express Mayhem bolts are constructed with multi-layers of carbon, offering consistent and downrange accuracy. It also provides two different style forms with 446 grains each, making them heavyweight, improving penetration ability. It is costly. Still, due to the availability of many features, it makes them worth the money.

4. LWANDO Crossbow Bolts – Top Rated Crossbow Bolt

LWANO Crossbow Bolts


Cupid Archery has come up with Lewano crossbow bolts which is just what you need to boost your archery skills. It comes in only green color. These are solid bolts with balanced shafts and vanes. They also offer good speed and kinetic energy that provides accuracy for target hits.

Lwando cross bolts feature lock for the screw tip with o-Ring. The total length of this bolt is 20’’. The Lewano crossbow bolt’s outer diameter is 8.8mm, with an inner diameter of 7.6mm. It is suitable for novice hunters as well professional ones.

It comes in three style forms, such as 16/ 17/ 18/ 21/ 22, each weighing differently. It offers target points with o-rings that weigh about 125gr. Moon nock of LAWINO bolts are made from plastic material, and vanes are about 4 inches’’ TPU. Each pack of crossbow bolts has 12 bolts. Lwando cross bolts are budget-friendly.

  • Well-balanced shaft
  • Removable tips
  • budget-friendly
  • Plastic moon nocks

Final Verdict

LWANO cross-bolt come in different style forms that also differ in weight and offer a variety in choosing bolts. Per pack, you can get 12 bolts with target points. It provides suitable quality bolts with balanced shafts and vanes that give accuracy.

5. BHYDRY Archery Crossbow Bolt – Heavy Crossbow Bolts

BHYDRY Archery 7.5 15 inch Crossbow Bolt

Bhydry Archery Crossbow Bolt offers two forms; one is 7.5, while the other is 15 inches in length. Both offer the same features. The bolts’ shaft is made with pure carbon that allows durability for an extended period. It is designed to provide good precision and bring kinetic energy and projectile speed with an accuracy of about 7.5mm when launched.

The diameter of the Bhydry bolt is 0.295’’ with a total weight of 200 grains. For 7.5’’ inches, they weigh about 265 grains. On the other hand, 15 inches weigh about 100 grains. It features a screw lock technology that allows easy repair. It comes in orange color. Such bright colors are easy to locate in woods.

It is recommended for young adults, professional archers, or amateurs to hunt or target practice. The vanes are made with plastic material which may sometimes get deformed. To fix that, apply heat with the help of a hairdryer or place them in hot water so they will regain their shape in no time. Each package contains 12 pieces of bolts.

  • Durability
  • Bright color
  • Pure carbon material
  • Plastic vanes

Final Verdict

Bhydry crossbow bolts are made with 100% pure carbon material offering durability, accuracy, and easy hit. It is light on the budget. It also includes point material that is made with stainless steel making it rust and corrosion-resistant. It is compatible with professionals as well as enthusiasts archers.

6. AMEX GS – Best Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolt

AMEYXGS 612pcs Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolt

Ameyxgs Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolts come in different lengths that are 16/17/18/20/22inches. These bolts are made with mixed carbon material with an outer diameter of 8.8mm and an inner diameter of 7.6mm. Ameyxgs bolts total weight is 26/31 grains. Each pack contains 6/12 pieces of bolts.

The shaft of these bolts is lightweight that offers durability. The parabolic fletching is made with rubber. The arrow tips, which weigh about 100 grains, feature detachability with fixed blades while the arrow tail is in a half-moon shape.

The fletched feather is in green color, which is a vibrant color, easy to locate, and also add-ons stability. On receiving the 6 piece pack will include six pieces of broadheads as well. Similarly, if you are getting a 12 pieces pack, it will also have 12 pieces of broadheads.

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Replaceable arrowhead
  • Prone to bend

Final Verdict

If you want to experience optimal accuracy while hunting or during target practice, then Ameyxgs has got your back. They are exceptionally lightweight, which offers more projectile speed and durability. It provides six broadheads with six bolts and 12 pieces of broadheads with 12 pieces of bolts.

7. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Fletched Buff Tuff Plus Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbow Bolt

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolt features dual spine weight technology that improves trajectory and allows rapid recovery with well-balanced accuracy. The bolts incorporate Buff Tuff technology that involves carbon weave for optimal accuracy and strength. The bolts have a beautiful pattern of mossy oak treestand in camouflage design.

Maxima Hunter crossbolt also includes laser view with absolute straightness of +/- 0.0025-inches that help long-range distances. The bolt is made with carbon material with R2 vanes. It weighs about 390 grains with a diameter of 0.343’’ and an inside diameter of 11/32’’.

It features 3’’ inches fusion vanes fletching. CX Maxima hunter crossbow bolt is lightweight. Along with dual spine technology, it also integrates Tri-spine technology which enhances the accuracy four times. A pack of bolts consists of 6 pieces with six universal flat nocks.

  • Durability
  • Accurate hit
  • Dual spine technology
  • Loose vanes

Final Verdict

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter is best for fishing, hunting, and target practice. Other than its lightweight and budget-friendly nature, it features dual and tri spine technologies and R2 vanes that offer optimal strength and accuracy.

Difference Between Arrows And Bolts

Arrows and Bolts are used for the same purpose that of shooting or hunting. They both date back to medieval times, and they have been used ever since. In the 12th century, arrows and bolts were used by Europeans for military purposes as weaponry. There are some differences between an arrow and a bolt; however, you may not notice at first glance.

If you want to buy a bolt or an arrow, you need to familiarize yourself with the two’s characteristics and features for accurate purchase. Bolts are mainly used with crossbow bolts. On the other hand, arrows are used with compound bows. Both of them differ in length. A bolt is 6 to 12 inches, shorter than an arrow that is 31 to 35. Similarly, a bolt weighs more than an arrow.

An arrow and a bolt possess a vane and fletching. A bolt has strong penetration power, but an arrow sometimes falls flat during a trajectory due to its lightweight. However, nowadays, many brands have overlooked such differences, and they are providing arrows for crossbows as well. According to modern experts, an arrow is new terminology for bolts.

Guide To Pick The Best Crossbow Bolt

To improve your archery and hunting skills, it is necessary that you know what to look for while buying crossbow bolts.

Weight of Bolts

The accuracy of the shot depends on the weight of the bolts. The lightweight bolt will definitely move faster and reach the target more efficiently than the heavier ones. The weight of the bolts is measured in grain per inch. Speed and penetration power depend directly on the weight of the bolt. But all this depends on the location of the target. If your target is close, then choose heavy bolts, and if your target is far, choose light bolt.

Bolt’s Nocks and Fletchings

Nocks of the bolt are attached on the other ends of the shaft, just after the fletchings. These fletchings are the important part of the bolt as they aid in the flight. To increase the stability and strength of a bolt, these fletchings rotate the bolt on its axis. Longer bolts will have longer fletchings. Feather-made fletchings are not used in the construction of bolts.

Types of Nocks

Ensure that you use the high-quality nock for the bolt. Top-quality nock transfers maximum energy from the crossbow to the bolt. Half-moon, half-moon hybrid, flat and lighted nocks. Half-moon nocks are made specifically for daytime hunting and are also suitable for archery. Lighted nocks are suited for the dusk time and at night.

Bolt’s Heads

Bolt heads are chosen on the basis of certain situations and for a particular use because there are a variety of bolt heads in the market. The types of bolt heads include Target points and Broadheads. The weight of BroadHead and Target points should match the weight of the bolt head.

Construction Material

The construction material of the bolts matters a lot when you go out to seek for best bolt in the market. Aluminum, Fiberglass, Carbon fiber is the most used and appreciated material around the globe. Carbon bolts are expensive than aluminum bolts but are more durable, and they fulfill their purpose on the target. Aluminum bolts are cheaper than the other two bolts and are heavier. Fiberglass is the most expensive option; however, they are not prone to bending and absorbs shock as well.

Length of Bolts

If the bolt length is long, it will be heavier, and if it is short in length, it will be lighter. A lighter bolt will fly with great speed but still check out which type of bolt suits your crossbow.

Straightness of the Bolt

While buying the bolts, it is necessary to check their straightness. The flying accuracy of the bolt depends on the straightness of the bolts. The more the bolts are straight, the more are the chances they hit the target.

Manufacturers Recommendation

Before you buy equipment for your crossbow, always consider manufactures recommendations. If you choose lighter bolts for crossbows that are not suitable or according to the crossbow structure, then you would end up having a poor firing action and may have injury chances.

Check the Law

Mechanical Broadheads may not be accepted or legal in every state of the nation. It is necessary that you check the law before you buy the bolt heads and use them for hunting.

To Conclude

If you are interested in building your career in archery, then the list above can help you decide the best crossbow bolt for yourself. All of them are suitable for amateurs as well as professional users. The bolt incorporates carbon fiber material that allows durability and reusability. Our best three crossbow bolts recommendations are

  • Carbon Express Pile Driver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt for its intense bone-crushing penetration, maximum kinetic energy, and spine accuracy and consistency.
  • AMEX GS 6/12pcs Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolt for affordability, lightweight nature, offers projectile speed, and replaceable arrowheads.
  • REGEX Crossbow Bolts for maxim speed and kinetic energy, reusable, compatibility, featuring rigid tensile carbon material and easy repairmen of moon nocks.

This is the detailed review for the best crossbow bolt that shows the features necessary for a crossbow bolt to have as it plays an essential part in enhancing your archery skills. You can choose a good quality crossbow bolt from the list mentioned above so that it can assist you in hunting, fishing, or target practice.

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